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About Us

Dehlvi Naturals is a dynamic organisation engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Unani & Ayurvedic formulations, both classic and patent. The organisation has been promoted by Mohsin Dehlvi, son of Mohd. Ilyas Dehlvi and grandson of the legendary Hafiz Mohammed Yusuf Dehlvi, founder of THE SHAMA GROUP.

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Acacia arabica Willd.

Useful in Following diseases :

Bronchitis Catarrh Cough Cystitis Diabetes Mellitus Diarrhoea

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Acacia concinna DC.

Useful in Following diseases :

Alopecia Areata Baldness (alopecia) Dandruff Hair Loss

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Aconitum heterophyllum Wall.

Useful in Following diseases :

Abdominal Distention Anorexia Nervosa Cellulite Colic Convalescence Cough

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Acorus calamus Linn.

Useful in Following diseases :

Hyperacidity Amenorrhoea Anorexia Nervosa Anxiety Arthritis Asthma

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Adhatoda vasica Nees.

Useful in Following diseases :

Asthma Bronchitis Common Cold Cough Diarrhoea Dysentery

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Adiantum capillus-veneris Linn. & Bedd.

Useful in Following diseases :

Amenorrhoea Asthma Bronchitis Catarrh Common Cold Cough

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Agama agilis

Useful in Following diseases :

General Debility Nervous Debility Seminal Debility Sexual Debility Spermatorrhoea

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Alhagi pseudalhagi (Bieb) Desv.

Useful in Following diseases :

Blood Impurities Constipation Cough Dysuria Anorexia Nervosa Asthma

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Dehlvi Naturals has Herbal Supplements to treat various disorders like Cardiovascular Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Male Sexual...

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AYURVEDA: It is the oldest and most holistic medical system available on the planet today...

UNANI: According to the principles and philosophy of Unani Herbal Supplements, disease is a natural process...

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We at Dehlvi carry out research and development programs on continuous basis to find out new herbal products that could act as a boon to cure various diseases...

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