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Ingredient Name : Coccus lacca

Arabic Name : Luk

Bengali Name : Gala, Lak

Chinese Name : Zicaorong

English Name : Shellac, Lac

French Name : Gomme laque

German Name : Kochenille, Gummilackschildlaus, Lackschildlaus

Gujarati Name : Lakh

Hindi Name : Lakh

Kannada Name : Aragu, Laksha

Latin name : Coccus lacca

Marathi Name : Lakh

Persian Name : Lak

Punjabi Name : Lakh

Sanskrit Name : Laksha

Urdu Name : Lakh Dana

Recommended Dosage: 500 mg to 3 g powder.

Contraindication: This resin has no known warnings or contraindications.


The resin is astringent and alterative and is a tonic for liver, stomach and intestines and is useful in liver disorders like jaundice and oedema. Also reduces fat in adipose persons.