Body Disorders

Research & Development

Dehlvi Naturals is continuously doing research and development on new formulations. With continuous improvements and research in processing and manufacturing techniques, Dehlvi Naturals brings you tried and trusted formulations, improved with modern research.

Herbal Supplements are characterised by lack of standardisation due to which the effects are inconsistent. To remove these deficiencies Dehlvi Naturals is doing in-dept research and quality control. The Company conducts primary research on each of its formulations for a period of about two years before introducing the product to the consumers. The Company strongly believes that research and development is a continuous, ongoing and unending process. A competent team of Hakims and Vaids implement and monitor the quality of our products.
Doctors, Hakims and Vaids prescribe the Herbal Supplements with full confidence as they come from Dehlvi Naturals.

Our Herbal Supplements have not been tested on animals.