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Diseases Name : Nervousness


The anxious feeling you have when you have the jitters

Persons most commonly affected: All age groups and both sexes.
Organ or part of body involved: Nervous system
Symptoms and indications: Sweaty hands, dry mouth and rapid heartbeat, cold or hot flashes, lack of concentration, muscle pain in the neck or back, restlessness and agitation, dizziness or faintness, frequent need to use the bathroom for either diarrhoea or urination and an upset, jittery stomach
Causes and risk factors: All of us have been nervous, especially when we are afraid of new situations. It may be related to concerns about a relationship, job pressure, or a parenting issue. Nervousness usually resolves on its own. However, when it begins to interfere with our ability to perform our daily tasks, it is time to ask for help. Often talking to a friend, counselor, or clergy will help us find a solution, or a way of coping with our problem.

Other causes of nervousness may be related to medical conditions, such as: withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, overuse of caffeine or other stimulants, side effects of medication, medical conditions such as seizures, stroke, or thyroid or hormone imbalances and psychiatric conditions such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, or manic episodes.