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Diseases Name : Nausea


Stomach sickness or upset, often with a feeling of a need to vomit.

Persons most commonly affected: All age groups and both sexes.
Organ or part of body involved: Stomach and esophagus.
Symptoms and indications: Astritis and heartburn are the most common related symptoms. In severe cases diarrhoea may occur as well, so the intestines are also affected. Headaches are common with nausea. Vomiting or the ?dry heaves? may also occur.
Causes and risk factors: May be caused by food poisoning, over indulgence in food or alcohol, motion sickness, morning sickness, or as a side-effect of certain drugs. It can also be a result of gallbladder and kidney disease, or a poorly functional liver. High temperature in children, migraine, ear infections, and anxiety can also cause nausea
Prevention: Prevention is related to the underlying cause. For example, avoiding alcohol can prevent nausea from drinking too much. Medications can help with the nausea caused by traveling. If the nausea is due to morning sickness during pregnancy, eating crackers and avoiding fatty foods can help. There are many other examples of prevention depending on the specific cause.