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Diseases Name : Tennis/Golfer's Elbow


Pain in the outer side of the elbow joint, usually caused by a too vigorous twisting motion of the hand that strains a tendon or inflames a bursa; also known as lateral epicondylitis, only rarely caused by playing tennis or golf.

Persons most commonly affected: Young people and adults of both sexes. Somehow women seem to be more prone to this disorder than men.
Organ or part of body involved: Tendon of the outer part of elbow.
Symptoms and indications: The pain and tenderness are located on the outside of the elbow and sometimes in the arm.
Causes and risk factors: Tennis/golfer's elbow does not only affect tennis players who of course frequently strain the muscles in this area. It is also caused by other sports and by work or hobbies that involve repetitive movements. Movements where the elbow is bent while holding tightly onto something such as a racquet or a tool, are the most common causes of tennis/golfer's elbow.
Prevention: Lift objects with your palm facing your body. Try strengthening exercises with hand weights. With your elbow cocked and your palm down, repeatedly bend your wrist. Stop if you feel any pain. Stretch relevant muscles before beginning a possibly stressful activity by grasping the top part of your fingers and gently but firmly pulling them back toward your body. Keep your arm fully extended and your palm facing outward.