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Diseases Name : Asthenopia


Asthenopia (aesthenopia) is a word often used in the eye care profession to describe a collection of symptoms that produce eye fatigue or tiredness, usually brought on by using the eyes. Asthenopia may also produce symptoms of pain, tiredness and headaches, also known as Eye Strain.

Organ or part of body involved: Eye
Symptoms and indications: Symptoms often occur after reading, computer work, or other close activities that involve tedious visual tasks. Sometimes, asthenopia (aesthenopia) can be due to specific visual problems, such as uncorrected refraction errors or binocular vision problems like accommodative insufficiency or heterophoria.
Causes and risk factors: Causes include Computer Vision Syndrome, Headaches, Underlying Problems, Environment, Lack of Blinking and Being in Low Light Situations. Underlying problems can include Refractive Error (uncorrected vision)and Eye Muscle Imbalance.
Prevention: If you are experiencing symptoms of asthenopia, try to give your eyes a break once every hour by focusing on an object in the distance.