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Diseases Name : Carbuncle


Painful, extensive inflammation of the skin, marked by hardness and discharge of pus and dead tissues, similar to a boil but more severe.

Persons most commonly affected: All age groups and both sexes but occur more often in men because of their more extensive body hair growth.
Organ or part of body involved: The skin and its hair follicles and glands.
Symptoms and indications: A painful red swelling or lump, which usually comes up quite quickly and may be fairly large. Also, there is swelling of lymph glands close to the site of the boil and the person may feel feverish. It is more severe than a boil.
Causes and risk factors: It is caused by bacterial infection in individuals who have low immunity. It is often seen in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Prevention: To prevent new eruption, the skin needs to be kept cool and dry. Washing the entire body with an antiseptic soap twice a day is also recommended. If boils frequently recur, unclothing and bed linen should be changed daily. Instead of reaching for sugary or fat-laden foods, choose whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and small amounts of lean protein.