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Ingredient Name : Acacia concinna DC.

Bengali Name : Ban Ritha

Chinese Name : Rou guo jin he huan

English Name : Soap Pod, Soap Nut

French Name : Chikakai

Gujarati Name : Chikakhai

Hindi Name : Kochi, Shikakai, Satala

Kannada Name : Sheegae, Shige Kayi, Sigeballi

Latin name : Acacia concinna DC.

Marathi Name : Sikakai, Shikakaayi

Sanskrit Name : Saptala, Shitalaa, Kantvalli

Urdu Name : Shikakai


The pods are externally detergent and astringent and are used as a cleanser for washing hair and as a hair tonic, and forms a rich, natural lather without striping the hair of natural oils. It is popularly referred to as “ fruit for the hair” as it has a natural low pH and is extremely mild. Its detergent action, which cleanses the hair and removes, accumulated debris and a sebaceous material further more imparting hair luster. Also used to remove dandruff and has a detangling effect on the hair, which helps in increasing the hair volume.

Recommended Dosage: 2 to 4 g powder of pods (for external use only).

Contraindication: This herb has no known warnings or contraindications.