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Ingredient Name : Ambra grasea

Arabic Name : 'Anbar, Amber Ashab, Ambar, Amber

Bengali Name : Amber

Chinese Name : Lung yen hsiang

English Name : Ambergris

French Name : Ambre

German Name : Amber, Ambra

Gujarati Name : Ambara

Hindi Name : Amber

Latin name : Ambra grasea

Marathi Name : Amber

Persian Name : Shah Boo

Sanskrit Name : Ambara

Urdu Name : Ambar, Amber


It is a morbid excretion of the sperm whale and found floating upon the ocean or collected from the shores. Ambergris is formed in the intestines of the sperm whale in response, it is thought, to irritation caused to the stomach lining of the whale from the sharp, indigestible, parrot-like beaks of squid. It contains ambrein (a cholesterin) 85%, a little of balsamic extract and ash.

It is stimulant, antiseptic and antispasmodic. Useful in sexual debility, general weakness, epilepsy, spasms and nervousness. It is also given in high fevers with insensibility or delirium and in the collapse stage of cholera, plague and other infectious diseases. Also useful in paralysis, facial paralysis, chorea, neuritis, weakness of brain, nerves and heart and palpitation.

Recommended Dosage: 125 mg to 375 mg.

Contraindication: This has no known warnings or contraindications.