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Ingredient Name : Ammonii chloridum

Arabic Name : Nushaadur, Nushaadir

Bengali Name : Navasagara, Nishadal

Chinese Name : Nao sha

English Name : Sal Ammoniac

French Name : Sal Gomme Ammoniaque

German Name : Salmiak, Ammoniumchlorid

Gujarati Name : Navsagar

Hindi Name : Navasadara, Nousadar

Kannada Name : Navsagar

Latin name : Ammonii chloridum

Marathi Name : Navsagar

Persian Name : Naushadar

Punjabi Name : Noshadar

Sanskrit Name : Navasara, Navasagara, Chulika lavana

Urdu Name : Naushadar


It is alterative, expectorant and cholagogue in small doses and in large doses it is purgative. It has a marked stimulating action on the mucous membranes, increasing their secretion. It relieves hepatic congestion and modifies hepatic secretions. It is useful in cases of hepatic abscess, chronic hepatic congestion and oedema connected with liver and ovarian diseases, cirrhosis and in jaundice.

It is also useful in flatulence, catarrh, chronic pharyngitis and whooping cough. It has a beneficial effect in amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, gleet, leucorrhoea and chronic dysentery.

Recommended Dosage: 250 mg to 1 g.

Contraindication: This mineral has no known warnings or contraindications.