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Ingredient Name : Bombyx mori Moth.

Arabic Name : Doodat al-hareer, Ibreesam

Bengali Name : Pat

Chinese Name : Ts'an chien

English Name : Silk-pod

French Name : soie-cosse

German Name : Echter Seidenspinner, Maulbeerseidenspinner, Seidenraupe, Seidenwurm

Gujarati Name : Resham-na-potan

Hindi Name : Abresham

Kannada Name : Reshmi Hula

Kashmiri Name : Pait Goch

Latin name : Bombyx mori Moth.

Marathi Name : Reshmi Chikeed

Persian Name : Abresham

Urdu Name : Abresham


The Silk-pods or cocoons are coverings spun by a group of silk moths during their metamorphosis.

It is used as a styptic, tonic and astringent, to check profuse menstruation, leucorrhoea and chronic diarrhoea. The silk-pod is regarded as an aphrodisiac. Also useful in phlegmatic cough, asthma, cold and catarrh and in cardiovascular disorders like weakness of heart and hypertension.

Recommended Dosage: 3 to 5 g.

Contraindication: The silk-pod has no known warnings or contraindications.