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Ingredient Name : Datura alba Nees.

Arabic Name : Jawzmaathil, Daatoora

Bengali Name : Shet Dhatura, Dhutura

Chinese Name : Yang jin hua

English Name : Thorn Apple, Devil's Apple

French Name : Datura fatesux

German Name : Stechapfel

Gujarati Name : Dhanturo, Dhaturo

Hindi Name : Dhatur, Dhatura

Kannada Name : Umbem Madkunika

Kashmiri Name : Dhatur

Latin name : Datura alba Nees.

Marathi Name : Dhotra

Persian Name : Tatoor, Tatulah

Punjabi Name : Dattura, Tattur

Sanskrit Name : Dhatturaka, Dhattura, Kanaka, Dhustoora

Urdu Name : Dhatura


The seeds are anodyne, antiasthmatic, antispasmodic, antitussive, aphrodisiac, bronchodilator, carminative, emetic, hypnotic and narcotic. They are also considered to have a strong aphrodisiac effect. Used for averting premature ejaculation. Seeds are also used as astringent in bowel complaints and fevers with catarrhal and cerebral complications. At low doses, it is a common remedy for arthritis, whooping cough, muscular spasm and the symptoms of Parkinsonism. It relaxes the muscles of the gastrointestinal, bronchial and urinary tracts, and reduces digestive and mucous secretions.

Recommended Dosage: 50 mg to 100 mg powder of detoxified dried seeds.

Contraindication: Datura contains atropine and scopolamine, which may induce visual and auditory hallucinations, confusion, panic and other conditions. Contraindicated in glaucoma, paralytic ileus, pyloric stenosis, enlarhed prostate, tachycardiac arrhythmias and acute pulmonary oedema.