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Ingredient Name : Ferrum

Arabic Name : Hadeed

Chinese Name : T�ieh

English Name : Iron

French Name : Fer

German Name : Eisen

Hindi Name : Loha

Kashmiri Name : Shishter

Latin name : Ferrum

Persian Name : Ahan

Sanskrit Name : Lauha

Urdu Name : Faulad


The Bhasma (Calx) simulates the functional activity of all organs of the body and is, therefore, a valuable general tonic. It is a powerful alterative, astringent and restorative. Useful in fever, gonorrhoea, anaemia and chlorosis.

Also useful in haemorrhagic diseases such as haemoptysis, haematuria, bleeding from piles, etc. In leucorrhoea leading to anaemia, preparations containing this ash are useful. It is a valuable remedy in Bright�s disease and not only cures the anaemia but also lessens the albumin.

The ash forms an ingredient of hair dyes and is applied on gray hair for turning them into black.

Recommended Dosage: 30 to 60 mg. Kushta/Bhasma (Calx.)

Contraindication: This mineral has no known warnings or contraindications.