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Ingredient Name : Panax Ginseng

English Name : Korean Ginseng

Latin name : Panax Ginseng


Korean Ginseng Root has Saponins & phytochemical compounds in abandons known for their Anti-inflammatory and Immune system stimulation. It is very helpful in maintaining physical as well as mental health. Korean Ginseng Root has long been considered an adaptogenic herb, which means they work to stabilize the effect of physiological stress in the body and produce a stimulant-like effect.

Korean Ginseng Root is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A systematic review of randomised controlled trials tested this hypothesis and was able to demonstrate that Ginseng has beneficial effects in relation to treating ED.

Contraindication: There is evidence to suggest that Korean Ginseng can affect sleep quality, therefore it is advised to not take this near bedtime. Does not cause any toxic side effects in males and females.