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Ingredient Name : Rosa damascena Mill.

Arabic Name : Ward, Jul, Duhn al-ward

Bengali Name : Golap

Chinese Name : You ji hua

English Name : Rose

French Name : Rosier

German Name : Damaszener Rose, Portlandrose, Monatsrose

Gujarati Name : Moshamee Gulab

Hindi Name : Gulab

Kannada Name : Rojahu

Kashmiri Name : Golab Posh

Latin name : Rosa damascena Mill.

Marathi Name : Gulab

Persian Name : Gul, Gule Surkh

Punjabi Name : Gulab

Sanskrit Name : Satapatrika

Urdu Name : Gulab


The flowers are analgesic, antidepressant, antioxidant, aperient, mildly astringent, cardiac tonic, carminative, constipative, febrifuge, purgative refrigerant, stomachic and uterine tonic and used as a general tonic. They also reduce high cholesterol levels and are useful for sore throat or enlarged tonsils. They strengthen the heart and brain, give relief in palpitation, delirium and anxiety states. Also useful in diseases of the stomach and liver. Gives relief to heat and quenches thirst.

Rose water is mildly astringent and makes a valuable lotion for inflamed and sore eyes. Also useful in cases of syncope. It also benefits the reproductive system, treating infertility, erectile dysfunction and low sperm count. Alleviates liver pains.

Recommended Dosage: Petals : 3 to 5 g powder of dried petals.; Distillate : 20 to 40 ml.

Contraindication: Rose has no known warnings or contraindications.