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Ingredient Name : Vateria indica Linn.

Bengali Name : Shakgachha, Chandras

English Name : Piney or Damer Resin, Indian Copal Tree

French Name : Résine de Piney ou de Damer

German Name : Vateriafett, Butterbohnenfett, Malabartalg

Gujarati Name : Chandras

Hindi Name : Safed Damar, Sandras

Kannada Name : Rala

Latin name : Vateria indica Linn.

Marathi Name : Raal

Persian Name : Damar

Sanskrit Name : Sarjaka, Ajakarna, Sarja, Devdhupa

Urdu Name : Raal Safed


The resin is bitter, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, tonic and vermifuge. It is useful in chronic bronchitis, haemorrhoids, fistula, hemicrania, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, diarrhoea and ringworms.

Recommended Dosage: 1 to 2 g powder of resin.

Contraindication: The resin has no known warnings or contraindications.