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Herbal Supplements Name 2 : Dehlvi Galenus-SF


Jawarish Jalinus is presented in a revolutionary sugar free form. With all the goodness of Jawarish Jalinus, Dehlvi Galenus-SF meets the demands of this mordernized age. A famous Unani Tibbi medicine. Strengthens the stomach, intestines, kidney, liver and bladder. Regulates gastric functions, increases appetite and helps in digestion and assimilation. It is useful in the treatment of acidity in stomach, burning sensation in the chest, bad breath and pain in the intestines. Also useful in phlegmatic cough and piles and stops excessive urination. Stops the repeated formation of stone in the kidney and urinary bladder. Regular use prevents premature graying of hair.


Botanical NameHindi NameQty
Each dose of 5 g contains:
Crocus sativus(Zafran)67.43 mg
Nardostachys jatamansi(Balcharr)67.43 mg
Elettaria cardamomum(Elaichi Khurd)67.43 mg
Cinnamomum cassia(Saleekha)67.43 mg
Cinnamomum zeylanicum(Darchini)67.43 mg
Alpinia galanga(Khulanjan)67.43 mg
Myrtus caryophyllus(Qaranfal)67.43 mg
Cyperus rotundus(Sad Kufi)67.43 mg
Zingiber officinalis(Zanjbil)67.43 mg
Piper nigrum(Filfil Siah)67.43 mg
Piper longum(Filfil Daraz)67.43 mg
Saussurea lappa(Qust SHirin)67,43 mg
Commiphora opobalsamum(Ood Balsan)67.43 mg
Valeriana wallichii(Asaroon)67.43 mg
Myrtus communis(Habbul Aas)67.43 mg
Swertia chirata(Chiraita Shirin)67.43 mg
Pistacia lentiscus(Mastagi Roomi)168.58 mg
Sorbitol1.5 g
Fructooligosacchrides Pdr.2.242 g
Sodium Banzoate(Preservative)10 mg
Abdominal distention, anorexia, burning sensation in the chest, constipation, flatulence, halitosis, hyperacidity, heaviness after meals, kidney stone, liver dysfunction, piles and polyurea.
There are no known contraindications.
There are no known side effects.
5 g after both meals with water.
In packs of 60 g, 125 g, 250 g, 500 g & 1 Kg.