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Herbal Supplements Name 2 : Epi-Aid


Epilepsy has afflicted human beings since the dawn of our species and has been recognised since the earliest medical writings. It is a neurological condition, which affects the nervous system. Epilepsy is also known as a 'seizure disorder'. It is usually diagnosed after a person has had at least two seizures that were not caused by some known medical condition like alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar. The seizures in epilepsy may be related to a brain injury or a family tendency, but most of the time (in 70% of cases) the cause is unknown. Epilepsy is a very common condition, affecting 2 per cent of the population in developed countries. An epileptic fit or seizure occurs when part or all of the brain�s nerve cells create electrical signals in an uncontrolled manner. Seizures affect awareness, movement, and sensation.

Epi-Aid is a stimulant of the exhausted nervous system and also an antispasmodic. As an antispasmodic, it is very useful in convulsions and spasmodic nervous affections such as epilepsy, infantile epilepsy, and muscular tremor.


Botanical NameHindi NameQty
Each 500 mg Vegetarian Capsule contains:
Delphinium denudatum (Jadwar)5 mg
Aloe vera Dried Extract (Aelwah)65 mg
Boswellia serrata Extract (Shallaki)65 mg
Centella asiatica Extract (Brahmi)140 mg
Evolvulus alsinoides (Shankapushpi)140 mg
Paeonia officinalis (Ud Saleeb)145 mg
Epilepsy, infantile epilepsy, muscular tremor and bipolar disorder.
2 capsules twice daily with water.
In packs of 30 Vegetarian Capsules