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Herbal Supplements Name 2 : Iksir Meda Khas


Aids digestion, relieves flatulence and regulates intestinal functions. Useful in loss of appetite, heaviness after meals and acidity.


Botanical NameHindi NameQty
Each 750 mg. tablet contains:
Cannabis sativa Salt(Namak Bhang)5 mg.
Indian Solanum Salt(Namak Katai)5 mg.
Centipeda minima Salt(Namak Kundush)5 mg
Mint Salt (Namak Pudina)5 mg
Black Salt(Kala Namak)5 mg
Raddish Salt (Namak Shalgham)5 mg
Armenian Bole (Bura Armani)8 mg.
Thymol (Sat Ajwain)33 mg.
Piper nigrum(Kali Mirch)48 mg
Ruta graveolens(Suddab)62 mg
Zingiber officinale(Sonth)62 mg
Carum carvi(Kala Jira)165 mg.
Sugar341 mg
Binding Agentq.s
Anorexia, heaviness after meals, indigestion, flatulence, hyperacidity and stomach-ache.
2 tablets twice daily after meals or as and when required with water.
Fatty foods can lead to indigestion, since they take longer to digest. Overeating is another red flag. Smaller meals at regular intervals are a better choice. Foods and beverages (including coffee, tea, soft drinks and tomato-based foods) that crank up acid in the stomach should be avoided or at least minimized if they are a problem for your stomach. Alcohol and tobacco also promote a sour stomach. When and how meals are eaten can be another cause of indigestion. It's important not to eat within two hours of going to bed. In addition, lying down or even slouching after a meal can bring on a bout of heartburn, since these positions increase stomach pressure. Stress and not enough sleep also leads to an upset stomach.

In packs of 40 Tablets, 80 Tablets, 400 Tablets and 1000 Tablets.