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Herbal Supplements Name 2 : Karela Capsules (Bitter Gourd)


The fruit, also known as Bitter Gourd, is very bitter and is useful in gout, rheumatism and sub-acute cases of the spleen and liver. It purifies the blood and is useful in diabetes. At least three different groups of constituents in Bitter Melon have been reported to have hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) or other actions of potential benefit in diabetes mellitus. These include a mixture of steroidal saponins known as charantin, insulin-like peptides, and alkaloids. It is still unclear which of these is most effective or if all three work together. Nonetheless, Bitter Melon preparations have been shown to significantly improve glucose tolerance without increasing blood insulin levels, and to improve fasting blood glucose levels. Blood and urine sugar levels and post-prandial (after eating) blood glucose levels also fell. And as yet unidentified constituent in Bitter Melon also seems to inhibit the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which may benefit people with psoriasis.


Botanical NameHindi NameQty
Each 500 mg. capsule contains:
Momordica charantia Dried Extract.(Karela)167 mg.
(5% Bitter)
Momordica charantia Powder(Karela)333 mg.
Blood Impurities, Diabetes, Gout, Liver & Spleen Problems, Psoriasis and Rheumatism.
This product is not recommended if you are pregnant. Anyone with hypoglycemia should not take Bitter Gourd because this herb could possibly trigger or worsen low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Furthermore, diabetics taking hypoglycemic drugs (such as chlorpropamide, glyburide, or phenformin) or insulin should use Bitter Gourd only under medical supervision, as it may potentiate the effectiveness of the drugs and lead to severe hypoglycemia.
There are no known side effects.
Take 2 capsules daily in the morning. Allow several weeks for benefits. The use of natural products provides progressive but long-lasting results.
In packs of 60 capsules.