Body Disorders

Herbal Tibb-e-Nabvi Product Name : Thaum (Allium sativum)


Like the onion (baṣl), thaum is mentioned in the ḥadīth: "One who eats them both (i.e. onion and garlic) should kill them (i.e. their bad smell) by cooking them." A dish containing garlic was given to the Prophet (pbuh) and he sent it to Abū Ayyūb al-Anṣārī, who asked: Oh Messenger of God, you find it (garlic) disgusting and send it to me?" He replied: "I whisper to someone to whom you do not whisper (i.e.God)".

Thaum is hot and dry in the fourth degree and it creates a very strong heat (in the human body) and it causes a great dryness. It is beneficial for people with a cold or a phlegmatic temperament and those who are near of prolapses of paralysis (fālij). Garlic dries out the sperm, opens the clogs / constipations, dissolves the flatulences, supports digestion of food, stops fevers, it loosens the intestines and increases the urine flow, it works as an antidote (tiryāq) against severe burns and all light swellings.

Garlic heats up the body by increasing its heat, it stops the phlegm, dissolves flatulences, cleanses the throat and preserves the health of the human body, is beneficial in "changing water" and chronic cough.

Garlic is useful against pain in the chest caused by cold, it removes blood clots (‘alaq) from the throat.


Each Halal certified capsule contains:

Thaum (Allium sativum) Extract 250 mg

DOSAGE : 2 capsules twice a day after meals.

PRESENTATION : In packs of 60 capsules