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Herbal Tibb-e-Nabvi Product Name : Tīn (Ficus carica)


The sunna does not mention figs because they did not grow in the Ḥijāz and in Madīna. The earth required by figs is different from that required by the date palm. But Allāh (swt) has sworn by figs in His Book because of their benefits and usefulness. It is true that the ones sworn on are the well-known figs.

The fig is hot and either dry or wet. The best kind of figs are the white ones when ripe. They clean the sand in the liver and bladder and are also a protection against poisons.

They cleanse the sand in the kidneys and the prostrate and a protection against poisons. Figs are the most nutritious of all fruits.

They are helpful against the roughness in throat, chest and the trachea (of the lungs), they cleanse the liver and the spleen. The cleanse the phlegm that has accumulated in the stomach. They are a very good nutrition to the human body, except the fact that they cause / bring forth lice (qamal) if one eats to much of them.

Dried figs nurture and strenghten the nerves, and they are very good (blessed) when eaten with walnuts (jauz) and almonds (lauz).

Jalīnus (Galen) wrote: "When figs are eaten with walnuts and rue (shadhdhāb) before taking a deadly poison they are helpful and protect against the negative effects (of the poison)."

It is mentioned by Abū Dardā': "A dish of figs was sent to the Prophet (pbuh). He said: "Eat!"and he himself ate the figs and said: " If I said: if one fruit came down (on earth) from paradise, I would say: this one (the fig). This is because the fruits from paradise are without seeds. Eat them, because they stop piles and are useful against gout." There are doubts about the authenticity of this (ḥadīth).

The pulp of the figs is the best of it and it makes the people with a hot temperament thirsty, and silences the thirst caused by phlegm. It is very effective against chronic coughing, lets the urine flow, opens the clogs / constipations of the liver and the spleen, and is beneficial for kidneys and the bladder.


Each 250 mg Halal certified capsule contains:

Tīn (Ficus carica) Extract 250 mg

DOSAGE : 2 capsules twice a day.

PRESENTATION : In packs of 60 capsules