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Herbal Tibb-e-Nabvi Product Name : Thuffa\' (Lepidium sativum)


Abū Ḥanīfa al-Dainawarī said : "The seeds of it are used as a remedy, they are also called thuffā', on which there is a tradition from the Prophet (pbuh). Its plant is called al-ḥurf, and it is commonly known as (ḥabb) al-rashād. Abū 'Ubaid said: "al-Thuffā' is ḥurf."

And I (i.e. Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyya) said: The ḥadīth he mentioned is that which was that reported by Abū ‘Ubaid and others, namely that it is a ḥadīth of Ibn ‘Abbās (ra) who narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) : "Which kind of healing do the two bitter remedies have: the thuffā' and the ṣabr (Aloe vera)?"

The cress is hot and dry in the third degree, it heatens and softens / relaxes the stomach, removes worms, it increases the sexual desire (shahwat aljimā‘), and it cleanses the ulcers of mange / scabies.

It increases sexual desire and the appetite. It is helpful for someone who suffers from asthma, shortness of breath, thickness in the spleen. It increases menstrual flow. And the cress cleanses the chest and the lungs from phlegm.

They also benefit against headaches caused by colds and (an excess of) phlegm.

Jalīnus (Galen) said: "The power / effect of the cress is similar to the seeds of the mustard (khirdal). Therefore it could be used for heating the pain in the hip, known as ‘irq a-nasā' and against headaches, and each one of this symptoms requires heat. The same is with mustard seed. Cress is mixed with other remedies to treat asthma as it is known that it dissolves thickened houmours. The same is with mustard seed, and the cress resembles the mustard seed in every respect."


Each Halal certified capsule contains:

Thuffa' (Lepidium sativum) Extract 250 mg

DOSAGE : 2 capsules twice a day

PRESENTATION : In packs of 60 capsules