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Herbal Tibb-e-Nabvi Product Name : Tamar (Phoenix dactylifera)


Al-Nasā'ī and Ibn Māja narrated in their Sunan (from a ḥadīth by Hishām from his father) that Ā'isha (radi Allahu anha) reported that the Prophet (saw) said:

"Eat fresh dates (balaḥ) with dried dates (tamr), for when shayṭān watching the son of Ādam eating fresh and dried dates, he comments, "The son of Ādam remained until he started eating the new and the old together."

In another narration, Prophet (saw) said:

"Eat fresh and dried dates, because shayṭān gets sad when he watches the son of Ādam eating them, so he says: "The son of Ādam has lived until(now) he eats the fresh and the old together"."

I (i.e. Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyya) say: The bā in this ḥadīth means ma'a (i.e. with), meaning: "Eat this together with that."

Some of the Muslim doctors say: "The Prophet (saw) recommended / ordered to eat fresh (balaḥ) and dried dates (tamr) and he did not order to eat unripe dates (busr) with dried dates. This is because fresh dates are cold and dry while dried dates are hot and wet, and one is improving the other. This is not the case with the green and the dried dates, because each one of them is hot but the dried dates are hotter. From the medical perspective, it is not recommended to combine two hot things or two cold things, as described above.

The hadīth contains the recommendation from the orgin of the medical profession which is about the usefulness of a therapy by neutralizing one kind of food or medicine by the other and the usefulness of the al-Qānūn al-ṭibbī (by Ibn Sīnā) fort he preservation of health.

In fresh dates, there is coolness and dryness, they are useful for the mouth, the gums, and the stomach. They have a negative effect on the chest and the lungs because they have a thick skin. They are difficult to be digested in the stomach, but have a quick nutricious effect. The fresh dates from the date palm are like the the unripe grapes from the grapevine, as both of them cause flatulences and bloating, especially when both are taken with water.

One can fight this effect of both by taking them with dried dates, honey or butter.


Each Halal certified capsule contains:

Tamar (Phoenix dactylifera) Extract 250 mg

DOSAGE : 2 capsules twice a day

PRESENTATION : In packs of 60 capsules