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Herbal Supplements Name 2 : P-Aid Oil


The main anxiety for men is the size of their penis, and while the partners publicly say that size isn’t important, it still causes a great deal of concern for the man concerned. Private studies have revealed that larger penises create greater stimulation and sexual satisfaction for all women. With an enhanced penis, you contact more pleasurable areas of the female body, penetrating further and giving your partner greater fulfilment.

P-Aid Oil helps supply the penis with all the essential nutrients it needs. Besides offering natural gains in the length and girth of the penis they improve many aspects of penis health. It is a natural penis enhancement medicine that increases blood flow to the penile erectile chambers which leads to a harder and a long-lasting erections when aroused. Gives enhanced sexual pleasure and more intense orgasm. It has been proven to be safe and without any known side-effects.


Botanical NameHindi NameQty
Each 5 ml contains:
Ovi Testa Oil 0.214 ml
Clove Oil 0.214 ml
Mace Oil 0.214 ml
Cinnamon Oil 0.214 ml
Zanthoxylum alatum Oil 0.214 ml
Crocus sativus 0.214 ml
Anacyclus pyrethrum 0.714 ml
Groundnut Oil 0.714 ml
Benzyl Alcohol q.s. to make 5 ml
Lack of virility and sexual stamina, inability to maintain erection, incomplete erection, and lack of penile growth.
There are no contraindications.
There are no known side effects.
To be rubbed lukewarm on the penis.
One of the worst things men can do is smoke. Smoking can actually shrink the penis and its effects on health in general are well documented. Excess intake of alcohol can also have a detrimental effect. Apart from impotence, alcohol can also cause a general weight increase. Weight can have a very real effect on the size of the penis as excess body fat can cause more of the penis to remain hidden “inside” the body. In very obese men, penis size is often reduced dramatically.

Maintain a healthy diet and watch what is taken into the body. Maintaining a trim physique - and a fit penis - can be achieved through a sensible diet and dietary intake should also include zinc and vitamin E to ensure a healthy penis and reproductive system. Vitamin E is found in whole grains, meat products, egg yolk, butter, milk, wheat-germ, and green vegetables. Bananas are a good source of zinc and it can also be taken as a supplement. In young men, zinc aids genital growth and it also helps produce healthy sperm in all men Vitamin E ensures a healthy blood circulatory system.

In packs of 15 ml.