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Herbal Supplements Name 2 : Femone Capsules


For ages sexual complaints from women have been scorned, dismissed, or grossly misled. During the last 40 years in the West, feminine rights, liberation and sexuality have gone through dramatic changes. Some 43 per cent of women of all ages suffer with sexual dysfunction, compared to 31 per cent of men. Female sexual dysfunction is characterised by a lack of desire (decreased libido), arousal, orgasm and pain during intercourse. The main problem remains lack of desire, affecting about one-third of them at some point in their lives.

For women, sex is inside their brain. A woman's lack of sexual interest is often because of her relationship with her partner. But it can also be caused by family problems, illness or death, childcare responsibilities, job stress, physical and emotional abuse, and depression. Hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, neurological diseases and autoimmune disorders like lupus can all contribute to a woman's lack of sexual desire. Other factors include prescriptions drugs, particularly anti-hypertensives and depression medication, as well as over-the-counter medications and illegal drugs and alcohol abuse.

Femone is very useful in lethargy and general debility.


Botanical NameHindi NameQty
Each 500 mg. capsule contains:
Ambra grasea(Amber)5 mg.
Anacyclus pyrethrum Extract(Aqarqarah)15 mg.
Crocus sativus(Kesar)25 mg.
Smilax china Extract(Chobchini)25 mg.
Alpinia galanga Extract(Kulanjan)25 mg.
Tribulus terristris Extract(Gokhru)50 mg.
Mucuna pruriens Extract(Konch)90 mg.
Withania somniferum Extract(Ashwagandha)100 mg.
Asparagus racemosus Extract(Shatavari)165 mg.
Dyspareunia (painful intercourse), vaginal dryness, general lethargy and general debility.
Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation.
2 capsules at night with milk 1 hour prior to sexual activity and at least 1 hour after dinner. 1 capsule can be given daily in the morning with water in cases of general lethargy and general debility.
Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and emotional stress as they may cause infertility. Also avoid spicy, salty and hot foods. Depression and anxiety can interfere with sexual desire. A regular exercise program can help to rev up your sex drive by increasing your energy, releasing stress-reducing neurotransmitters, and boosting endorphin levels that relieve depression. Eat a healthful diet, one that is low in saturated fat and rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

In packs of 10 capsules.